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Supporting Workers and Immigrants

With Mujeres Unidas y Activas

David has been a strong champion of immigrant and worker rights amidst a barrage of threats by the Trump Administration. 

David authored the Immigrant Worker Protection Act, which protects immigrant workers in the workplace by preventing ICE from conducting raids that violate constitutional rights (AB 450 – 2017). The bill requires employers to ask for a warrant before allowing ICE onto a worksite and a subpoena before turning over personal employee information. David has worked with the California Attorney General to defend the law against a federal lawsuit brought by Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 

David also passed the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act to establish protections against the disclosure of tenants' immigration status to federal immigration authorities, as well as prohibiting the harassment or discrimination against tenants based on immigration status (AB 291 – 2017).

As the first son born to immigrant parents, David teamed up with former Latino Caucus Chair Assemblymember Luis Alejo to establish the One California program, which now provides tens of millions of dollars to support organizations working within California’s diverse communities that are assisting immigrants in the naturalization process to become citizens.

David has also passed laws to ensure language access in the workers’ compensation process (AB 438 – 2015), to repeal a law that required employment service agencies to verify an individual’s immigration status (AB 2532 – 2016), to permit immigrants to apply for a license to start a business (AB 2184 – 2018), and to allow immigrant parents to be appointed anonymously as a guardian ad litem for their children in legal proceedings (AB 2185 - 2018).

David also passed a law to ensure that all prospective public employees are free to decide whether or not to become union members, and cannot be discouraged from doing so during the employment process (AB 2017 – as incorporated in a 2018-19 budget trailer bill).