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Supporting Education and Students

In response to the crisis at City College of San Francisco, David passed a law that establishes a process for California’s community colleges to have a voice and transparency during an accrediting agency’s review process, in order to ensure that such agencies are held accountable (AB 404 - 2015). 

After San Francisco championed free community college, David worked with his colleague Assemblymember Miguel Santiago to author a landmark state law that provides every Californian with one free year of community college (AB 19 – 2017). 

To address the increase of bullying in classrooms in recent years, David authored a bill to require the California Department of Education to develop policies that prevent school bullying and train educators across the state on bullying (AB 2291 – 2018).

To increase civic engagement among California students, David passed a law to more closely link class enrollment and voter registration for the 3 million students in California’s public higher education systems (AB 2455 – 2016)