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Creating Jobs and Economic Growth

Before he was elected to public office, David founded and ran a small business. To move San Francisco out of the Great Recession, job creation was one of David’s top priorities on the Board of Supervisors.

  • Led the successful efforts to reform the city’s business payroll tax by passing November 2012’s Proposition E, which created thousands of new jobs across all sectors, kept businesses in San Francisco, and provided incentives for new businesses to relocate to the city.
  • Supported small businesses by passing legislation to eliminate dozens of restrictive business fees, streamlined the city’s invoices, increased opportunities for local, diverse firms to receive city contracts, and promoted city programs to help small businesses receive tax credits, city loans and other forms of assistance.
  • Supported the rebuild of our waterfront, boosting tourism and generating local jobs, by moving forward the new Exploratorium at Piers 15-17, the new Cruise Ship Terminal at Pier 27, and Fisherman’s Wharf’s Jefferson Street redesigned streetscape.
  • Created new community benefit districts to promote neighborhoods as destinations for locals, visitors and tourists.