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Cleaning our Environment

During his tenure on the Board of Supervisors, David legislated first-in-the-country solutions to keep San Francisco on the forefront of environmental policy and be the greenest city possible.

  • Increased energy efficiency in our city’s buildings with legislation that established the nation’s highest standards for regular energy audits in commercial buildings, lowering energy costs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating green jobs.
  • Expanded urban agriculture by allowing residents to grow and sell the fruit of their labor, incentivizing landowners to create urban gardens, and streamlining relevant bureaucracies, putting San Francisco on the forefront of the national urban agriculture movement.
  • Phased out wasteful plastic water bottles by banning their sale on city property and required the installation of drink taps for refillable water bottles in new construction projects.
  • Managed better water re-use by creating a program that established incentives for water to be recycled within buildings.
  • Championed the continued success of San Francisco's Safe Medicine Disposal Pilot Program to ensure the safe disposal of unused and expired pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Led San Francisco's official support of a moratorium to halt the practice of fracking in California.
  • Served as San Francisco’s representative to the state Bay Conservation and Development Commission, to ensure appropriate stewardship, conservation and use of the San Francisco Bay.