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Bringing New Solutions, Ethics & Transparency to City Hall

David taking budget ideas at a community meeting as part of his pioneering Participatory Budgeting program

David came to City Hall committed to changing it. He worked tirelessly to increase transparency, transcend personality politics and make City Hall more efficient, open and effective for all San Franciscans.

  • Worked with his colleagues and two Mayors to negotiate agreements that balanced budget deficits of $522 million in 2009-10, $483 million in 2010-11, $306 million in 2011-12 and $170 million in 2012-13, while protecting vital city services.
  • Tackled budget reform by leading the successful campaign to pass November 2009’s Proposition A, a measure that requires two-year balanced budgets and five-year financial forecasting, doubled our city’s general reserves, and saves 75% of unanticipated revenues in good fiscal years for difficult fiscal years.
  • Pioneered participatory budgeting in San Francisco, allowing residents to directly propose and vote on how neighborhood projects should be funded.
  • Championed open data policies by requiring city departments to release data sets for the public to review, analyze and partner with city government.
  • Strengthened disclosure rules to improve the public's understanding of lobbying activities, requiring an online system to track lobbying activity, and creating new donation disclosure standards for developers seeking to influence city officials.
  • Helped bring city government into the 21st century by leading reforms of our city’s Information Technology system, consolidating seven email platforms and dozens of data centers, investing in our city’s dark fiber assets, and requiring multi-year capital planning for our city’s IT expenditures.