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Protecting Healthcare

David submits postcards in support of AB 959 toJamie Callahan, the director for the Office of External Affairs for the Governor.

David led the fight in the Assembly for patients facing skyrocketing prescription drug prices by increasing the transparency of high-cost drug prices in California and requiring pharmaceutical companies to report data to the state regarding the costs of producing high-priced drugs (SB 17 - 2017).

After prior legislative attempts, David successfully championed a bill that now requires the collection of data by California’s state health and human service agencies in order to address and eliminate disparities facing California’s LGBTQ communities (AB 959 - 2015).

As a member of the Assembly Health Committee, David co-authored critical health care bills to require vaccinations for children (SB 277 - 2015), to provide end-of-life options for terminally ill patients (AB X2-15 - 2015), and expand Medi-Cal to all children regardless of immigration status (SB 4 - 2015).

Building on the success of a San Francisco program he started, David passed the California Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Program, to establish state guidelines to help cities and counties incentivize nail salons to use non-toxic products and employ safe practices for workers and customers (AB 2125 – 2017).

David led the fight to hold lead paint manufacturers accountable for selling lead paint to California consumers for decades, even though the manufacturers knew the devastating health impacts of lead paint.  He worked with 5 Assembly colleagues to introduce a package of bills that ultimately cause the lead paint manufacturers to withdraw a 2018 ballot measure that would have absolved the companies of all liability.