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Fighting For Affordable Housing, Tenants and Homelessness Solutions

With LeadingAge CA in support of AB 35

David’s leadership as the Chair of the Assembly Housing & Community Development Committee has delivered results San Francisco and California needs to address the housing crisis. 

In the 2017 legislative session, David successfully led Assembly efforts to pass a historic package of 15 bills to address the housing crisis by creating a permanent source of affordable housing funding, holding cities accountable to build housing, and streamlining the process.  Highlights of this historic package included a $4 billion general obligation bond for affordable housing, streamlined housing production processes in cities that have failed to meet their housing goals, and incentives for local cities to build housing near public transit in order to cut down on congestion and air pollution (AB 73 – 2017).

To address the homelessness crisis, David established the Housing for a Healthy California Program, which addresses the housing needs of chronically homeless individuals on Medi-Cal (AB 74 – 2017).  He also passed a law to streamline the production of supportive housing (AB 2162 – 2018), as well as to allow homeless individuals to receive birth certificates at no charge in order to access government services (AB 2490 – 2018). He has also been the Assembly champion for Propositions 1 and 2 on the November 2018 ballot, which would provide $4B for affordable housing and repurpose another $2B for housing for homeless individuals.

David has been the leader in the Legislature for tenants.  He has passed laws that prevent the blacklisting of tenants facing eviction proceedings (AB 2819 – 2016), prohibit landlords from price gouging tenants during declared emergencies (AB 2820 – 2016), protect immigrant tenants from being threatened due to their status (AB 291 – 2017), allow owners of buildings with low-income tenants to access seismic retrofit grants (AB 1429 – 2015), and exclude weekends and holidays from counting during the eviction process, giving tenants more time to defend against evictions (AB 2343 – 2018).

To build housing more quickly, David established Housing Sustainability Districts, providing financial incentives to cities to rezone more densely and streamline the development process (AB 73 – 2017).  He also passed the first major bill to move forward transit-oriented development during the housing crisis, which would allow Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to develop its own land next to BART stations (AB 2923 – 2018).  David has also championed the use of community land trusts as a new innovative form of low-income homeownership (AB 2818 – 2017).

David has also passed laws to move forward specific San Francisco housing projects, including a bill to move forward the Mission Rock project that includes 40% affordability within 1,500 new units (AB 2979 – 2016), as well as a bill to allow a child care center and housing for moderate-income San Franciscans as part of the 88 Broadway project (AB 1423 – 2018).