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I am honored to be finishing my second term in the California State Assembly, representing the eastern half of San Francisco.

In my first four years in the Assembly, the Chiu Crew has been busy—my team and I authored 48 bills that our Governor Brown signed into law. These laws will not only improve the lives of San Franciscans and Californians, but will protect their rights as immigrants, as women, as parents, as LGBTQ community members, as workers, as students, and most importantly, as Americans. 

Just this past legislative session, my team and I passed 14 bills that cover everything from affordable housing and homelessness, to immigrant and workers; rights, to justice for sexual assault survivors, to economic opportunities for those with a record, to protecting students from bullying—but we’re not stopping there. Sign up here to hear more about what we are doing to keep California moving forward.  

At this historic juncture in our nation’s history, it is critical that we continue to fight for our progressive values. We face enormous opposition from Washington, as Donald Trump attempts to strip so many Americans of our basic rights, our access to a better life, and even our dignity. We must continue to stand strong, and set an example of resistance from California.

We have a long road ahead of us, but with your support, we have the power to shape our city, our state, and our country. Thank you for joining us in this fight.

If you want to hear more about the work we're doing in Sacramento, click here.